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Upcoming version, breaking changes

February 18, 2009

We are about to release the version of Loudtalks Lite for Windows and Windows Mobile. Along with multiple fixes and improvements the new release introduces breaking changes to the protocol.

The purpose of these changes is to improve efficiency of sound transmittion and reduce the traffic, used by the application while talking. This is very important since some of the users connected from mobile pay for the data sent or received. With the new changes the bandwidth used by the mobile version in "talking" mode is less than 8 kbits/sec.

It means people, who logged in using the older version of Loudtalks client, won't be able to communicate with those logged in using the new one. 

The update to the version is required to continue using the software.

  • Users of a desktop version will receive it via automatic update (of course you can also download it manually).
  • Users of a mobile version will have to manually download the update and install it.

Thanks for your patience during this transition.

Topics: beta, release

Written by Alexey Gavrilov


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