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Loudtalks for Windows and Windows Mobile

February 18, 2009

Changes list


  1. Updated Loudtalks protocol to reduce bandwidth requirements
  2. Fixed not working "Beginning of conversation" sound alert
  3. Added Polish localization generously contributed by Maciej Dmowski

Windows build:

  1. Fixed crash on Vista, while dragging contacts
  2. Removed "Noise suppression" and "Auto level" options from Audio options for now
  3. Auto-away works even when in Busy mode
  4. By default don't login when program starts

Windows Mobile build:

  1. Added "Register account" function
  2. Added "Add contact" function (to complete the authorization the contact has to add you too)
  3. Added "Change password" function
  4. Automatically attempt to connect to the internet at login

That is -- you no longer have to use a PC to start using Loudtalks for Windows Mobile

Download Loudtalks for Windows

Download Loudtalks for Windows Mobile


Topics: beta, mobile, release, windows

Written by Alexey Gavrilov


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