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Loudtalks for Windows and Windows Mobile

January 26, 2009

Changes list

Windows build:

  1. Fixed error with contacts authorization
  2. Fixed links not working in autoupdate notification dialog
  3. Updated French localization (thanks, Jean Marie!)
  4. Fixed visual artefacts, when running under WINE on Linux
  5. Improved logon performance (p2p core)

The update will be delivered automatically to all existing users.

Windows Mobile build:

  1. Added Options... dialog where you can a) Select UI language, b) Configure sound notifications, c) Configure connection settings (if required)
  2. Improved "joystick" navigation -- central button will now work as PTT, and Left-Right to access messages history. Now you can use Loudtalks with hard keys only.
  3. Turn on compression in .CAB file, which greatly reduced its size

Update procedure is manual. Please download and install the latest version from the links below:

Option 1: Installer for the desktop (via ActiveSync)

Option 2: Installer for the device (.cab)

We have more announcements to make later today so stay tuned!

Topics: beta, mobile, release, windows

Written by Alexey Gavrilov


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