By Alexey Gavrilov on December 20, 2007

Today, three months from the first public appearance at TechCrunch40 we reached an important milestone of 10,000 registered users.

I want to thank these brave people for helping us. It takes courage to try the new software, which challenges existing communication tools with multi-million user bases.

We try to work up to your expectations. Over that time we went through 13 releases, fixing bugs and gradually improving usability. I really hope we are heading in the right direction. If you think we are not — give us a punch, we are listening.

Here is what expected in the coming releases:

  • Automatic updates support
  • Support of TCP-only transport
  • Support of operation through a proxy
  • Incoming messages and statuses history (think twitter timeline)
  • Improved GUI (slimmer main window, compact contacts mode)

We also keep on adding new UI languages. Right now Loudtalks is available is English, Russian, German, Spanish, Finnish and Chinese.

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